Asian-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization Delegation Visited NPU to Promote Collaboration

2018年01月13日 18:16  

In the morning of January 10th, Mr. Li Xinjun, Secretary General of Asian-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) and his delegation visited Northwestern Polytechnical University. Mr. Zhang Wei, NPU Chairman of the Board of Trustees, attended the meeting.

Mr. Zhang Wei extended his warm welcome to the APSCO delegation and stated that a sound cooperation foundation had been laid between APSCO and NPU, on which both sides took interconnected aspiration for development in the fields of talent cultivation, R&D and application of aerospace technology, and international cooperation and exchange, etc. In recent years, joint efforts from APSCO and NPU have constantly and actively brought substantial cooperation and further opportunities for both sides. NPU, as the Permanent Secretariat of "Belt and Road" Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA),is willingto share alliance resources with APSCO and enlarge international impact together.


Mr. Li Xinjunintroducedthe purpose of this visit, which was firstly, discussing about NPU' sscheming and undertaking the activity of "Celebration for APSCO's 10th Anniversary and Forum of Administrator of National Space Agencies"; secondly, pushing forward the collaboration on launching degree education programs for international students. Mr. Zhang Wei emphasized the vital significance of these programs and indicated that enhancing cooperative ties with international organizations would benefit NPU's "Double First-rate" development.

In the meeting, Prof. Zhang Weihong, Vice president of NPU said that the university will vigorously mobilize its resource both domestically and globally to ensure the celebration and forum successfully held, which is alsoentrusted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, meanwhile, make more progress in the collaboration on degree education programs.


Prof. Zhang Fuli, Deputy Director of NPU Office of International Cooperation, briefed the progress of aforementioned programs to APSCO delegation and a detailed to-do list was discussed. After the meeting, Mr. Li Xinjun and his delegation visited Microsatellite Engineering Laboratory of Shaanxi Province with the company of Prof. Zhou Jun from NPU School of Astronautics, Director of the Laboratory. Mr. Li Xinjun praised highly of NPU's achievement in the field of microsatellite.


Mr. Li Xinjun also acknowledged the progress NPU had made in scheming and pushing forward the joint programs. Collaborative areas will be broadened continually, more platformsfor joint work will be established, and the cooperation mechanism will befurther improvedin the coming years to guarantee a fruitful and sustainable cooperation.

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