The 2nd Composite Battle World Cup was held in Xi’an, China

2017年12月12日 17:39  

During the period from November 21th to 24th, 2017, the 2nd Composite Battle World Cup had been held in Northwestern Polytechnical University, China. There were 16 teams from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Australia, Egypt, Burma and other countries, with total of more than 120 participants, teachers and experts coming for this contest.

The contest is jointly organized by "The Belt and Road" Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA) and Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities(ASRTU). Northwestern Polytechnical University is the Permanent Secretariat of BRAIA,which also hosted the contest in 2017. Wan Xiaopeng, the Vice President of Northwestern Polytechnical University  gave a warm welcome speech at the opening ceremony. Victor Borisovich Timofeev, the Coordinator of Permanent Directorate of ASRTU, expressed his high expectations on the performance of participants in this contest. Zhang Boming, the General Secretary of Chinese Society for Composite Materials, and Cui Zhenjin, the Secretary of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering also delivered their speeches in the opening ceremony.

The task of the contest was to design a wing-box of airplane in the minimum time with lowest cost and best performance.  And the contest included five sections, which were Composite Manufacturing, Intelligence Quiz, Commercialized Appliance Prospect of Composite Products, CAE Analysis of Composite products and Academic Reports. With these sessions, the organizing committee evaluated both the theoretical and practical skills of participants.

The contest was closed with all sections completed on November 24.  

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