BRAIA 1st Winter Camp - 2019 Light of Egypt was held in Cairo, Egypt

2019年02月05日 16:04  

Belt and Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA) BRAIA 1st Winter Camp - 2019 Light of Egypt took place during the period of January 21 to31, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. The winter camp was hosted by the Military Technical College (MTC), Egypt, one of the members of BRAIA. This was the first time that BRAIA had an activity out of China since its establishment in April 2017, which marked the first step for BRAIA to implement its opening-up strategy in 2019. Over 100 participants from 15 BRAIA member universities attended this camp. During the two weeks, participants took part in the lectures on aerospace science and technology, learning space industry and educational techniques. Meanwhile, they visited well-known Egyptian high-tech enterprises and competed in several contests including Water Rocket Launch, Optimum Design of Spacecraft Structure and Design of the Space Mission Using STK. Besides, participants experienced the local culture and history by visiting Egyptian historic sites. The government of Egypt thought highly of “Light of Egypt” which promoted the talents cultivation and scientific research in both Egypt and China, while strengthening the cooperation among BRAIA members.

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