The General Council of the Alliance


The Alliance General Council shall function as the Alliance’s decision-making body.

The General Council will be elected by Alliance members. Each term of service is 5 years.

The General Council should actively promote cooperation among Alliance members and organize related activities.

The General Council should establish and modify the charter of the Alliance via coordinating.

The General Council may offer advice on the work of the Secretariat.

The General Council shall hold at least one meeting every two years.

The first General Council will be composed of members who have made significant contribution to the establishment of the Alliance.

The Permanent Secretariat


The Permanent Secretariat of BRAIA is responsible for liaison and daily coordinating work of the Alliance.

The Permanent Secretariat is set up by Northwestern Polytechnical University. Northwestern Polytechnical University covers its operation costs. Each member shall provide her contact info for Alliance’s Permanent Secretariat.


地址:陕西省西安市友谊西路127号 西北工业大学国际合作处



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